Raquel Vincent
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Content Creator. Coach. Marketing Manager. INTJ. Virgo. Leftie.

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Raquel is a content creator, coach, wannabe artist, and elder millennial. She works as a Marketing Manager for a small tech startup by day and spends her nights reading, writing, and satiating her curiosity for culture.

She has an uncanny ability to identify trends with an innate understanding of what’s cool and how to translate those insights into business opportunities for emerging brands.

She prefers to use her powers for good by connecting with consciously-minded artists, creatives, storytellers, and brands and by sharing her story in hope of inspiring others. For it is through genuine connection and untethered creative expression that she finds personal and professional fulfillment.

Current Project 

Raquel is currently working on a collection of personal essays inspired by the discography of Beyoncé:

“From Dangerously in Love, released in the summer of 2003, to 2018’s Everything is Love, Beyoncé has provided the soundtrack for the coming of age of an entire generation of women over the past 15 years. This is my story.”

The book will be published in late 2019.



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